New Construction Services

Residential New Construction

From the first pour of the foundation to the very last nail in the last roofing shingle, if you need a new garage, Sunrise Building Group, Inc. is your go-to for affordable and durable new construction projects. At Sunrise Building Group, Inc. we can take you from concept to reality without the middle man and make sure that your new construction project is completed on time and at an affordable rate. We take care of installing and connecting drain tiles, concrete footers and garage floors, roofing, siding and garage doors. Give us a call today to get started.

Receive the Exact New Construction You Need From Expert Builders

We can work with you to come up with a completely unique and detailed plan that will suit your specific needs and wants, and then build your exact vision all from the ground up. Our experienced, trained and knowledgeable builders will make sure that we have all of the necessary permits and inspections done to make certain that all materials and specifications stick to city building codes and there will be no delays or unwanted fees. We can also help you make informed design decisions so that you get everything you want in your new construction project. We only use the highest performance materials, tools and construction techniques so that your project will be sure to make it through our tough Michigan winters, and as always, our new construction projects are built to last.


Whether you want to protect your cars or trucks, make room for a boat or ATV, or maybe you just want some extra storage space, you can be content in the knowledge that Sunrise Building Group, Inc. can and will handle every aspect of your new construction project from start to finish and deliver a structure that works or you. Let us help you build the garage of your dreams, with our affordable and top quality new construction services.

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